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What games have taught me over the years

by Adamu ShehuSeptember 6, 2014

Video games sure have come a long way, haven’t they? Used to be a time when it was just a bunch of boxes punching each other out, or some box grabbing on to some lines of boxes to cross some blue rhombus that I’m guessing was meant to be a lake. Also, games were point-based back in the time and this style of achievement didn’t lend much to good storytelling elements. For instance, till today I still wonder what Pacman did to piss off those ghosts.

As technology and better tools advanced though, so too did the video game industry, and thankfully so as better games came out. Games with engaging characters with names with relatable plots and a story that held you from beginning to end. Or at least the good games did. These games also did much to push ideals and compelling views and can I say lessons to the players and even though some were rather controversial (that’s material for another article readers). These lessons seemed to be passed subconsciously mostly and only later did you discover you were emulating these lessons.

So, after some thought i decided to compile a list of special video games from my youth that had some underlying messages. The below list is simply based on my views and shouldn’t be taken as fact.


Final Fantasy

Gain experience, improve. That’s what its all about. The more you keep on doing a particular task, you can get better at it and eventually master that skill. In order to be a more rounded individual, do a little of everything. You can choose to be hyper intelligent, yet weak. Or be a dumb big oaf, thats all up to you. But keep practicing.

Another thing this taught me is that you need friends and a team to get things done. Trying to overcome adversity on your own is a herculean task and you could get yourself killed trying to do so. The “No man is an Island” cliche comes to mind. So gather your band of merry adventurers and go and slay that dragon/bad guy!


Dude, cover up your junk!Ewwww!


With the right tools, you can defeat the odds against you. You can’t burst a balloon with a wet sponge, can you? You are going to need a pin for that. Thus, don’t go adventuring without the right equipment.


I am going to need a bigger sword. Or a bazooka.


Mushrooms make you double your size and stomp on midgets. Or at least that’s what mushrooms make you think you can do. Seriously kids, don’t do drugs!

Mario, the true villain of the Mushroom kingdom.

Streetfighter 2

Sometimes, you just have to beat up random unknown odds and opponents to become the Champion of the World (I mean this figuratively,don’t go around kicking people’s asses). A bunch of people will stand in your path to greatness, friends even (eg. Ken and Ryu) and people with similar skills just trying to climb up the ladder (eg. again, Ken and Ryu) but you just have to wear them down and win with a well timed move (aka a vicious Dragon Punch to the face!)

Tiger Cock-Punch!!!

Tiger Cock-Punch!!!

Ghouls and Ghosts/Road Runner/Contra

Sometimes life is hard as all hell and you have to cheat, damnit. (show me someone who has finished these games without cheats and I will show you a no-life having nerd or a liar)

Face the full power of my Van Damme split!

Face the full power of my Van Damme split!


If you have any lessons to share, leave them in the comments.


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