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ETC Recommends: Our Favourite Youtube Channels

by Adamu ShehuSeptember 7, 2014

With how Internet has become so prevalent and cheaper (though not cheap enough) in Nigeria, I tend to not watch TV so much anymore. In fact, I think the last time I switched on my TV was close to a month ago. My computer on the other hand gets tons of action and when I’m on the internet browser, Youtube is usually the first tab I open.

What’s awesome about Youtube is that when you sign-in with your Google login, you can subscribe to users so that their content is curated for you in your account’s subscriptions and you can quickly click to view them at any time and honestly there is a plethora of content you can sink your teeth into and laugh,cry, be disgusted and learn. Yes, Youtube is essentially my TV now. For beginners though, I have written a little list that are a few of the channels I view as much as I can. They are varied for a well rounded viewing experience. If you like them, simply go back to the user’s page and click the red Subscribe button on the right.


Movie Clips Trailers

Great resource for latest movie trailers and film clips. Keep updated on new films to look out for in the cinema.

Subscribe To Movies Clips Trailers


Ndani Tv

Ndani Tv’s has a great collection of made-for-web Nigerian series, including the hilarious travails of Frank Donga in The Interview, Gidi Up, The Juice and a bunch of other fun stuff.

Subscribe to Ndani Tv

Epic Meal Time

Funny everyday guys making epic meals and generally doing lots of crazy stuff with food. Even if you are not a foodie, you will enjoy the craziness they get up to.

Subscribe To Epic Meal Time

Channels TV

If you are a News junkie, and Nigerian news is what you are looking for on Youtube, It simply doesn’t get better than Channels TV. From a livestream of their programming to recorded clips, you will find it all there.

Subscribe to Channels Television

Basketmouth Tv

BasketMouth is one of the most successful comedians in Nigeria, so you already now what to expect on his Channel. You may notice some product placements in his skits, which are a bit distracting, but overall, you will find his videos funny.

Subscribe to BasketMouth TV

Game Grumps

For those who don’t know what Let’s Play is, it’s basically videos where you watch games been played by people and them commenting on them at the same time. Yes,just like you normally do when you go to a friend’s place and the guy doesn’t want to pass the pad. These guys are funny though and the usual 11 minutes of gameplay they restrict to a game is filled with funny moments. They focus on older games usually or really rare obscure games.

Subscribe To Game Grumps


Jeremy Jahns

For short reviews and a rating system you can relate to, Jeremy Jahns is the man. He dresses pretty dapper too, with a fresh suit every episode.

Subscribe To Jeremy Jahns


If Gadget reviews and hands on videos are your thing, then you should definitely check the Techsuplex on youtube as they walk you through gadgets and apps from an everyday person perspective.

Subscribe to Ogas at the Top

Ogas at the top

What do you get when you mix politicians, puppets, today’s issues and satire? You guessed right, the result is hilarious.

Subscribe to Ogas at the Top

PBS Idea Channel

From the channel that taught you your ABC’s and those wacky muppets on the street nobody knows how to get to (Sesame Street if you’re wondering what I’m rambling about) comes a channel that also aims to discuss topics that the adult in you will find fascinating about pop culture. Things that make you go hmmmmmm.

Subscribe To PBS Idea Channel


AY Comedian

He is one of Nigeria’s funniest comedians and You can catch full episodes of his Tv shows and skits on his Youtube channel.

Subscribe to AY Comedian

Ebony Life Tv

Ebony Life Tv launched with a bang on DSTV just over a month ago with a great selection of African content. Now you can catch clips from some of your favourite Ebony Life Tv shows on the internet.

Subscribe to Ebony Life Tv

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