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My Battle with Seafood Okro Soup

by Hauwa Datti-GarbaSeptember 8, 2014

Years ago, there was an unfortunate event between me, okro soup and a pregnancy. Totally went off it unless I had no option, which I usually did.

Over the years, I had heard a lot about seafood okro and upon seeing it on TV once (courtesy of Chef Fregz) I told myself it might be the okro to break the impasse. I had of course heard about the famous Seafood Okro from Yellow Chilli. Never had it because Lagos and I don’t gel. Only been to Lagos twice in the past 7 years.

One nice Monday, I suddenly got it in my head to try it out. I love seafood so I always have all sorts of it in my freezer. I rummaged and found shrimps, prawns, stock fish, two kinds of smoked fish ( a hard one and a really soft fleshy one), a few pieces of what my mackerel seller had said was fresh stock fish (didn’t know for sure but liked it anyway), crab claws and mackerel. I didn’t use the mackerel because I didn’t want it overpowering the rest. Before you say anything, the stock fish was cooked then rinsed thoroughly. Toh.

Sea_Food_Okro (2)

Sea_Food_Okro (1)Sea_Food_Okro (3)Sea_Food_Okro (4)

That was the start. I lightly seasoned the seafood with a stock cube and kept aside. The okra was sliced up, about N400 worth (Abuja price oh). And onions chopped. The rest was easy. Cooked the okro and onions in water (amount is up to the amount of Okro you do end up using. I made sure the water covered it) for about 5 minutes. Added crayfish and tattase and cooked for a couple of minutes. Seafood was added in order of length of time to cook, staring with the firm fish and ending with the shrimps. Before I added the shrimps, I put palm oil, stirred properly and tasted for seasoning. Adjust if there’s need. Once all seafood is cooked, you are ready to chow down on a sumptuous treat. It was delicious and I daresay okro is back in my good books. When done properly J

I put up pictures of this dish on Instagram the next day and the comments from people left me in no doubt that it’s a crowd pleaser. And that people we really, really love food. Good food.

Oh. The seafood and okro soup won. I capitulated totally.

One who eats alone cannot discuss the taste of the food with others. ~African Proverb

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Hauwa Datti-Garba
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