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Positive thinking: My 2013 List.

by UfedoSeptember 11, 2014

I just discovered this list I made in 2013 lying in one of my bags, this will tell you that I haven’t used this bag in over a year…. don’t ask me how many bags I have.

Back to the list! So the basic idea to do this list came when I was feeling at my lowest, beck when I needed drinking rehab. You know how those memes go right? Don’t only pray when you have a need, pray when you don’t as well… I swear it’s hard to pray when I have a need; it’s harder when I feel my constant prayers were going unanswered. I was in such a place where I felt my constant prayers were going unanswered and I needed to be thankful to uplift my spirits and actually give me a reason to be Thankful to the Supreme Being even amongst all my ailing and sadness.

This list tried to itemize achievements/what one is grateful for, mistakes made and resolutions (read as solutions to the mistakes). This was in the course of the year 2013.

A little background, I hated 2013. I hate 2013. I have no concrete reason why other than the number looks ugly, it’s an odd number year and I wasn’t expecting much from it. Well guess who didn’t get much from that year.

Feeling the way I was feeling compounded with my hate for a year I couldn’t escape, I decided to ‘strive to be happy’, like my favourite poem, Desiderata says. (Please check it out).

A glimpse of this famous list:


  1. I turned 26 healthy
  2. I moved to a new department to fill in a role
  3. Travelled on a holiday with my family
  4. I applied for the role I was filling in even though I had 7 years less experience than the advert was asking for
  5. I got the role (Highlight of the year)
  6. I go on holiday with family again
  7. I have kept up with my new year Resolutions (yes I am one of those)
  8. I am more spiritual (it’s like some people’s search  for the Elixir of Life, I am forever striving)
  9. I made 2 new friends
  10. I survived the year

My Mistakes

  1. Started the year unhappy, definitely set the tone for the rest of the year
  2. Let XYZ linger in my emotions more than he should have
  3. Let myself get introduced to people I have no interest in and they crowd my space



  1. Turn 27 happy
  2. Never ever start another year angry, sad and disillusioned
  3. Become even more spiritual
  4. Succeed at my new role
  5. Get hitched

Whilst writing the list, one thing I realized was that I had a whole lot more to be thankful for than I let myself think I did. I got bogged down in the things that ‘went wrong’ and didn’t think about what was right.

Recap:I did start 2014 happy and I am happier as a whole these days.

What does your list of positive thinking look like?

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