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The Coolest Wedding Dance Ever!

by Sanusi IsmailaSeptember 29, 2014

I am not an excitable person generally, I doubt many have seen me crack up or go haywire over anything. That may explain my bemusement and maybe slight irritation about how overboard Nigerian/African wedding receptions are.

For this one time though, I am making an exception. Thanks to @reclvse, I bumped into this super awesome wedding reception video (below) which I can’t get out of my head. I think the thing about it that melts some of the ice in my heart towards these things, is how much fun they are having on their own terms. One of the things that irk me about these receptions, is that if you looked at the couple’s faces, you can usually see how much stress they are going through to fulfil the selfish desires of one set of parents or another–sometimes both sets. Weddings (and marriages) should be about the two people taking that huge step and not their parents, families or anyone else.

I still think it’s a huge waste to spend millions putting up a show for people you may never see again, who will fill their bellies at your expense, then proceed to analyse all the shortcomings of your ceremony in hushed tones, fuelled by food and drinks you paid for. That same money that would pay for a child’s tuition for a bit at a really great school or maybe a really awesome holiday or something else that will add value to the marriage. I’d rather that than waste it on people, 80% of which you probably don’t even really know or care about and 90% of which really don’t care for you to be honest. My opinion obviously.

Anyways, this is awesome and it’ll probably set the mood for the rest of my week so I’ll stop being a Debbie Downer and just shush and let you enjoy the video.

P.S. I feel a tad guilty for posting someone’s wedding video here, but hey, they put it on Youtube, so they probably wanted me to.

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