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I love @Medium. Do you?

by Kitchen ButterflyOctober 3, 2014

I can’t remember when I fell in love with @Medium. But there’s no going back. Ever.

But why @Medium?

For the love of function, design, community and awesome, diverse content. And for the passion the team has to build the best writing & publishing platform in the world – I believe you, Ev Williams, of Blogger, Twitter and now, Medium fame.

I mean where else would you find a treatise to love and understanding in this day of rush-along-now, than in Seat 21A, and a warning to aspiring entrepreneurs, in How quitting my corporate job for my startup dream f*cked my life up, plus everything in between: Letters to self, a rant at Lauryn and a response, ‘In Defense of Ms Hill’, and on and on and on. You get it, right?

It is pretty neat.

In techie speak, @Medium’s UI and UX are spot on, two terms I now understand, thanks to The Daily Muse’s, ‘10 Tech Terms You’ve Definitely Heard But Probably Don’t Know the Meaning Of’

UI—or User Interface—is how a product or website is laid out and how you interact with it: Where the buttons are, how big the fonts are, and how menus are organized are all elements of UI.

But UX—or User Experience—is how you feel about using a product or a website. So, your love for the way the new Apple Watch looks or your excitement that there’s finally a tablet-sized iPhone to watch those Corgi videos you’re obsessed with are reflections of UX.

So the new look of the Facebook news feed involves a change to UI, and the way you navigate that new page is the UX.


@Medium’s UI and UX are awesome – for both readers and writers.

As a Writer, these are the things I love most:

  • The WYSISYG editor (UI): ‘Wiz-ee-wig’ – ‘what you see is what you get.’ What you see when you write on @Medium is what you see when you read it. Exactly. No tedious formatting, for hours on end – just beautiful and clean writing and reading.
  • Stats for writers: @Medium doesn’t focus on page views, like most websites.Instead, it makes a pretty good attempt to look at engagement. Many have lauded this unique approach to analytics as simple and understandable.  Interestingly, it appears that the most viewed pages are the one’s least read. Who woulda thought?



As a reader, these are the things that keep me enthralled. I think they are all UX elements. Am I right?

  • Reading time estimates: this helps me prioritise reads, especially if I have only a little time. Funny enough, it doesn’t put me off longer reads as much as I thought.
  • Bookmarking made fast and easy, at the click of an icon.




  • The ability to tweet portions of text: quotes’, if you like versus the entire article. All you have to do is select text and the options of what you can do pop-up, no right-clicking, or left. No nothing.  This is my favourite feature ever.
  • The ability to comment/ leave notes on any portion of a post versus the traditional comment at the end of the post.



These last two features make @Medium for me. I think the team ought to find a way of patenting itJ.  And they work in most browsers – except older versions of Internet Explorer. Don’t even ask…


The funny thing too is, I now go to other websites, select text and expect the share button to pop-up. But it doesn’t, leaving me disappointed.

This is what draws me to @Medium – the fact they can get into the head and heart of users, on how they want to ‘engage with content’.

@Medium makes me want to read more. It connects me with total strangers across oceans and borders, and lets me share the bits that I want to remember and learn lessons from.

I think every website, from The New Yorker to The Gospel according to Goth (I. Made. This. Up) should have these features.

Thank you @Medium, fan for life.

Did you know?

  • The what and why behind the way @Medium collects stats
  • About @Medium’s Collections – curated stories, grouped by ‘Collect Moments, Not things’ and ‘Editor’s Picks’
  • That there’s a Medium IPad App, apparently the best thing since chocolate met peanut butter.
  • And that you can appropriate some of @Medium’s greatness on your own WordPress site, with this plug-in – Selection Sharer.

Are you a Medium fan?

Can you share you most favourite features? Stories?

Let us know.

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