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New Music: Dan Gata ~ Jeremiah Gyang.

by Sanusi IsmailaNovember 16, 2014

Very few people in Nigeria make music like Jeremiah “jerry” Gyang.

What makes Jeremiah special in my books is first ability to fuse live instruments and synthesised instruments seamlessly (he’s a multi-instrumentalist, singer and producer) and also his sound, which is always unapologetically African without sacrificing the quality of his message and sound. In today’s world where music is becoming more about entertainment than the music itself, his sound is refreshing.

I was disappointed when he parted ways with Chocolate City and went underground for a while; but he’s back!

His new single Dan Gata encapsulates everything I love about Jeremiah Gyang. The song is recorded live with traditional instrumentation played by the popular Matan Zumuntan ECWA Jos. About Matan Zumunta

Matan Zumunta

Matan Zumunta at the Live recording of Dan Gata

Over the rather catchy fusion of modern sound and traditional instruments, he encourages you – illustrating his point by sharing various personal experiences – to understand that your day-to-day disappointments happen because you are here (earth) on assignment and not in your Father’s house (God’s house/Heaven), but regardless of your current situation, you are royalty because the King of Heaven is your Father.

Beautiful music inside out.

The song also features a rap verse from Lyrical Dr Smith which is decent. You can listen and download the song below. You should also check out his equally awesome A Place in the Stars soundtrack for a movie by the same name.

There is definitely something about Jos that keeps churning out musical talent.


Download Dan Gata ~ Jeremiah Gyang featuring Lyrical Dr Smith


Jeremiah Gyang and Matan Zumunta after recording

Jeremiah Gyang and Matan Zumunta after recording

images via JTownMusic
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