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A SHOCKing Discovery about spare parts

by Baba OnotuDecember 7, 2014

After months of relentless driving, a loud thud and four consecutive flat tyres, I could no longer fight the inevitable – it was time to take my car into the Apo mechanic village for some work.

I sat and waited as my car was deconstructed…A lot was going on around me – a car was being sprayed, another was being topped up with AC gas and one fella was spraying old shock absorbers which didn’t strike me as being unusual at the time – I thought they were for the car being painted.

So I didn’t pay much attention to his spraying seven shock absorbers after all, no car has seven tyres.. When the paint on the shocks dried up, I saw him applying stickers – now he had my attention. I sat up, took out my phone and began recording. I wanted to see how far this would go.

After the stickers, he started dusting powder on the shock absorbers and it didn’t end there, he left them and returned with cartons, cut them to size and made boxes for the shocks.


The final step was to seal them up.

I went from amazement at his resourcefulness to wonder – have I ever been tricked into buying a “new part” which was actually a spruced up old part?

shocks 2
So how can we spot a Gucci from a Pucci? Well, unless you’re a mechanical engineer or lucky enough to live with one, it can be tad tricky.

If you’re in doubt (and you should almost always be), ask questions and inspect the parts yourself. If the parts dealer’s eyes begin to dart and he sweats profusely, use your intuition…because your mechanic could be in on it. In related blog, checkout this review of the best compressors for cars.



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