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Not every time Phone Call. Sometimes…

by Sanusi IsmailaJanuary 13, 2015

Okay I want to rant a bit.

I don’t like talking on the phone. With a few exceptions, I find it a lot easier to communicate with someone not in my immediate vicinity via instant messaging or emails or some social network. It is convenient, straight to the point and non-intrusive. I also find that people tend to be more honest and also more objective when they communicate in writing. Maybe that’s because they actually think a bit more before writing stuff down, I don’t know. I have gone to this length to explain my dislike for verbal communication via phone calls to establish that I am writing this from a point of bias.

That said, it really isn’t necessary to call…not all the time. In fact, most times you don’t have to.

The person who inspired this rant has called me six seven times (another one just came in) today just to inquire if I was at the office. I should state that I do not owe this person any money, and he isn’t a client, he just wants to come and hang and use free internet. I have no issues with having people over at the office when I am around but I can’t for the life of me think about why someone, anyone needs to make 6 phone calls just to ask whether I am at my desk. What ever happened to sending an origination SMS which is less intrusive and cheaper to achieve the same thing?

On this same day, an MTN staff who is helping me fix something has sent me a couple of texts each requiring a little more detail about the task at hand. In 4 or so text messages, she has been able to collect a lot more information than she would have gotten in a 5 minute phone call. Better still, at any point, if she is doubtful of the information she has, she can go back to the text messages as reference and get whatever she’s wants verified without having to call my attention.

Just as is the case with Instant Messaging which I had written about earlier, people tend to selfishly only consider their immediate comfort when trying to reach out to someone else. For instance you may consider typing “are you back at the office?” too stressful ignoring the fact that the person might be in a meeting or in the middle of a presentation or smack in the middle of something important.

Phone calls are a good, but so are SMSes and while I won’t go out of my way to define which one is more appropriate in every scenario, as that will be me suggesting my opinion and not the absolute law, but next time before you call someone, give it an extra second of thought.

While we are on this, 2 missed calls are as good as 99. There is absolutely nothing positive that can be derived from being solely responsible for more than 2 missed call notifications. Feel free to quote me on that anywhere.

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