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Urban gardening in the ‘big’ city

by Tobiloba AkiboMarch 6, 2015

Most cities usually fail to draw up a vision for landscaping alongside their 2020 visions for building a mega city. Fashola’s vision for Lagos as a mega city should include urban gardening at its finest, while efforts are been made to landscape the environment it still always looks like an afterthought.

Although, living your dream in Lagos comes with the headache of air pollution, noise pollution, traffic and all sorts of environmental hazards, living clean and healthy is a possibility. Gardening on a small scale in your chic apartment will go a long way to mitigate those pesky little environmental issues that surround us daily, a little green here, a little watering there, throw in a dash of enthusiasm and you come home to a bright and clean apartment. You will be doing your own tiny bit to cleanup carbon monoxide in your home. Here are 3 tips to get you started.


Start small

Don’t overwhelm yourself buying all the containers and gardening at once. Start with just one pot, plant something easily accessible, and go on from there, a little basil here, a sweet smelling duranta there and you are well on your way to having the apartment of your dreams. For mold problems checkout this link :


Growing vertical

The main aim of gardening in an apartment is because of lack of space so , grow vertical; hang containers on the wall of your kitchen, make raised platforms on your wall, mount jars on your kitchen window and grow herbs and spices and let your apartment feel fresh all day.


Let your creative juices flow

Let your gardening reflect your personality; call in a professional, embark on fun DIY gardening projects, recycle old shoes, bottles, jars, even rusty bathtubs. Whatever you do let your apartment reflect your style.

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Tobiloba Akibo
Professional Landscape Architect. Amateur Gardener.
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