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Letter to President Elect General Muhammadu Buhari

by Maryam IsahMay 29, 2015

Dear President Buhari,


My name is Mrs. Maryam Abubakar and I would like to congratulate you on being Nigeria’s President Elect and to request that you assist in fostering rapid growth and development in Nigeria by improving the agricultural sector, eliminating nepotism in the workforce and boosting federal character. I believe Nigeria can be a role model, held in very high esteem by other African countries.

The main issue with Nigeria has always been corruption, and to eradicate this concern, it has to be tackled from the root. Corruption itself encompasses many social vices and in my opinion, nepotism in the work force is one of the common forms of corruption in the country. To expound my point, I will use the civil service as an illustration. From the days of Saradauna’s era to General Ibrahim Badmasi Babangida’s (IBB) regime, highly revered civil servants were not neglected. In fact, their welfare was improved because amenities such as power and water were provided for. In addition, accommodation and medical care were subsidized. Thus, working in Nigeria was worth it and provided long-term satisfaction. The low cost of living ultimately boosted the living standards of civilians and their families in Nigeria.


However, in the era of IBB, the amenities and privileges that civilians once enjoyed was obliterated. This has been the case for two decades as everyone has been left to fend for themselves – pay for rent, power and water, thus increasing the gap between the poor and the rich and completely eliminating any hope for the middle class. For example, rents are alarming! A level-8 worker who earns on average, N100,000 a month will find it impossible to live in the Federal Capital Territory (F.C.T) where rent for a two-bedroom apartment is roughly N1,200,000 per annum. The high cost of living motivates distressed civilians to corrupt practices so as to secure their basic needs for survival.


Moreover, Federal Character in Nigeria has been distorted. Favouritism is at an all-time high and merit qualifications have lost their value in the workforce. Those that are promoted in organisations and corporations usually know the ‘Oga at the top,’ who embraces nepotism in hiring friends and kin to attractive positions. This prejudice is one of the reasons why organizations are collapsing, because competent people are not hired or promoted. This leaves the proficient and more-skilled workers demoralized and unenthusiastic. Until the vicious cycle of nepotism in Nigeria is broken, corruption will prevail.


Furthermore, consideration should be rendered to the agricultural sector.Additional funds should be allocated to develop it. Our local farmers need to mentored and coached to embrace technology so they replace hoes and cutlasses with machinery that improve productivity and yield. The improvement in our agricultural sector will create mass employment and increase our exports to other countries, boosting our GDP. The government can also provide subsidies for farmers in the agricultural sector to improve their welfare and make it very competitive relative to other sectors.


In conclusion, I believe that if we can tackle corruption by eliminating partisanship in the workforce and generously funding the agricultural sector, the living standards in Nigeria will improve. I have every hope that your administration will be good for our welfare and move Nigeria forward, to unprecedented levels.

I wish to congratulate you once again on being the President-elect of Nigeria. We’verooted for you from the very start and thoughit took years to finally get here, you, we have finally made it. I wish you much success. May God Almighty guide you to take this nation to greater heights.



Mrs. Maryam Abubakar

A patriotic citizen

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