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Proud black man . Uniben & RGU Alum. Puts Nigeria above all other. Super Eagles fanatic. You are in the presence of a god (Ps. 82:6)
Tola Sarumi is an Anti Money Laundering Expert and a budding tech enthusiast. She likes art and gadgets
Amanda is a Bluestocking who lives for laughter, music and rainy days.
Branding, Business Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Politics
Lover and student of media (@SMC_PAU alumnus), running (@Truppr ambassador), data, football (@ManUtd fan) and a bunch of other things.
Very curious, in love with nature, art, travelling, basketball and Africa. Open-minded and Unorthohdox.
Constantly seeking food. Collector of everything under the sun - memories, maps, buttons, love.
Travel and Food enthusiast, Interior Designer, book devourer, night lover, ex migraine bearer, some say a gadget addict, forgetful Jane.
Maryam Isa loves good food and funny Tv shows.
Bibliophile, foodie & a closet romantic whose dowry just might be crates of tea, cartons of caprisonne & packs of chocomilo.
whoever saves one life saves the world entire
I think. Random thoughts.
Professional Landscape Architect. Amateur Gardener.
Tomi is an engineer who dreams of spreading her wings far and wide, and will be sharing with her words and photos.
Forever in the quest for Knowledge.
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