Designed to take participants through the advanced overhead maintenance operations that will equip them to become competent Linemen. The course exposes them to the Line Construction, substation planning and maintenance and the role of the Lineman.

Expected Programme Outcomes:

  • Knowledge of the main components of a transformer and the function of each part
  • Ability to distinguish between high and low tension cables
  • Ability to identify and describe some of the equipment used in distribution line installation and removal
  • Ability to describe or demonstrate how to set new poles and reconstruct poles
  • Ability to describe or demonstrate how to install a new line
  • Ability to locate, repair and report on faults on overhead lines
  • Effective application of standard safety rules and regulations
  • Understanding of the causes of faults, and how best to minimize or rectify fault using best practices

Target Audience:

  • Linemen Mates Converting to Linemen

Module 1 – 8

Safety in Line Construction

  • Types and Causes of Accidents in Line Construction
  • Voltage Level of Distribution Network Lines
  • Safeguarding Workmen on Lines
  • Obtaining Work Permits
  • Adjustable Spanner
  • Safety Procedures in Operating Electric Equipment

Substation Planning & Construction

  • Substation Definition
  • Planning a New Substation
  • Substation Equipment
  • Installation & Connections
  • Cable Works and Sizes

Insulation and Insulators

  • Characteristics of Insulators
  • Forms of Insulation
  • Insulators on Overhead Lines
  • Types of Insulators
  • Insulation Resistance Test

Transformer Installation & Maintenance

  • Transformer Plinths
  • Transformer Positions
  • Cable Sizes
  • Transformer Tests
  • Transformer Operations & Maintenance
  • Transformer Life Span
  • Causes of Transformer Failure


  • Importance of Earthing
  • Aspects of Earthing
  • Effects of Poor Earthing
  • Temporary Earthing
  • Earthing Construction
  • Soil Resistivity

Line Construction

  • Construction of Overhead Lines & Underground Lines
  • Line Construction Tools
  • Overhead Line Construction Materials and Uses
  • Classification of Overhead Line Materials
  • New Project Installation Procedures
  • Construction Process / Steps

Overhead Line Materials and Applications

  • Electric Pole Support
  • Cross Arm Support
  • Insulators
  • Stay Support
  • Conductors
  • Line Isolators

Electric Poles and Pole Erection

  • Types of Poles
  • Functions of Poles
  • Technical & Economic Requirements of Electric Poles
  • Survey Drawing vs. As Built Drawing
  • Pole Sighting
  • Pole Erection Tools
  • Pegging, Digging, Positioning, Erection , Beaming & Launching