Designed to provide newly recruited Energy Sales Representatives with adequate understanding of the business and practical information needed to function comfortably and effectively on their roles so as to ensure optimal revenue collection and profitability.

Expected Programme Outcomes:

  • Knowledge of the mission, aims and objectives of the organization.
  • Knowledge of the Commercial Organizational Structure
  • Essentials of Technical Knowledge
  • Knowledge of the terms and conditions of employment
  • Understanding of the composition and calculation of ATC&C Losses
  • Practical understanding of roles and responsibilities of ESRs

Target Audience:

  • Newly Recruited Energy Sales Representatives

Module 1 – 12

Electricity Supply System Basics

  • Electricity flow: Generation, Transmission & Distribution
  • Technical Operational Terms, Concepts and Equipments
  • Features of Distribution Lines /Feeders
  • Connections: Single Phase / Three Phase
  • Transformer Overloading and Load Shedding

Introduction to Commercial Operations

  • Organizational Market Profile
  • Key Performance Indicators for Commercial
  • Energy Market and Regulatory Environment
  • Customer Mix
  • Commercial Initiatives being Implemented

Energy Audit Measurement

  • Introduction to Energy Audit
  • Energy Measurement
  • Energy Consumption Evaluation
  • Evaluation of ATC&C Losses
  • End-to-End Energy Audit

Billing Operations

  • Information on the Bill
  • Identifying Errors on the Bill
  • Billing Operations and Timelines
  • Customer Record Maintenance and its importance
  • Tariff Classification
  • ESR Performance Report

Revenue Collection Management

  • Essentials to watch out before Bill Delivery
  • Bill Samples
  • Tips on Bill Delivery
  • Revenue Collection
  • Revenue Collection Performance Measurement

Metering & New Service

  • Classifications and Types of Meters
  • Features and Components of Meters
  • Working Principles of Energy Meters
  • New Service Metering Process
  • Identifying Energy Theft
  • Errors on Prepaid Meters
  • Smart Metering

Commercial & Collection Losses

  • Commercial Operations
  • Collection Activities
  • Types of Losses
  • Strategies for Loss Reduction
  • ESRs Responsibilities in Loss Reduction

Meter Reading

  • Assessing Customer Energy Consumption
  • Estimated Billing
  • Coding Customers
  • Prime Customers
  • Maximum Demand Billing
  • Meter Reading Checklist, Bill Card, Folio
  • Pre-Billing Report
  • Data Capturing/ Interpretation

Achieving Sales Target Safely

  • Overview of Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)
  • HSE Corporate Goal
  • Safety Code

Metering & New Service

  • Managing Customers
  • Call Centre
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Customer Complaint, Investigation and Resolution
  • Meter Management

Payment Channels

  • Payment Platforms Overview
  • Integrated Payment Architecture
  • Prepaid & Postpaid Payment Options
  • Customer Complaint, Investigation and Resolution
  • Payment Transaction Flow

Commercial Data Types, Usage & Documentation

  • Sources and Importance of Data
  • Energy Delivered vs. Energy Consumed
  • Data from Grid Meter
  • Load Reading
  • Prepaid Meter Vending Data
  • Documentation: Customer Record Maintenance, Meter Assessment Card, Disconnection Order, Folio
  • Interpretation of Data