Designed to meet the learning needs of the maximum demand metering staff who have the responsibility of servicing the heavy energy users like companies and industries.

Expected Programme Outcomes:

  • Understand Maximum Demand (MD) Metering
  • Ability to identify the different types of MD meters
  • Ability to appropriately classify MD meters
  • Knowledge of the features / components of an MD meter
  • Improvement in data capturing & interpretation
  • Accuracy in data documentation
  • Improvement in Billing & Revenue management

Target Audience:

  • Maximum Demand Operations Officers

Module 1 – 3

Maximum Demand Meters

  • Definition of MD Meters
  • Types of MD Meters
  • Examples of MD Meters
  • Classification of MD Meters
  • Instrument Transformers (Current and Voltage)
  • Types of Connection in MD Meter
  • Metering Procedures

Components / Features of MD Meters

  • Overview of Typical MD Meter
  • Electronic Meter Features
  • Test Terminal Block
  • Metering Instruments
  • External Energy Data Transmitter
  • Features Displayed by MD Meters

Data Capturing, Interpretation & Documentation

  • Metering System Components
  • Folio Data Form
  • Tariff Classification
  • Multiplier Factor