Transformer & Switchgear-Inspection, Installation, Testing & Maintenance Course

Target Audience:

  • Operations and Maintenance Engineers
  • Project and Works Engineers
  • Load Management Officers
  • Electrical Fitters
  • Protection, Control and Metering Engineers
  • • Distribution Substation Officers


  • Measurement of winding resistance
  • Measurement of voltage ratio and check of voltage vector relationship
  • Measurement of impedance voltage/short-circuit impedance (principal tapping) and load loss
  • Di-electric, Magnetic balance and Magnetizing current tests
  • Test on on-load tap changers and Short-circuit test
  • Measurement of the harmonics of the NLC and power taken by fans/oil-pumps
  • Switchgear in a network context and historic perspective
  • Principles of current interruption
  • Circuit breakers-Plain break, Transfer earth and Bulk / small oil volume circuit breakers
  • Turbulator (explosion pot)
  • Substation and switch room layouts and design
  • Short Circuit testing