Distribution Lines Maintenance Programme Module 1

Distribution Lines Maintenance Programme Module 1

Distribution Lines Maintenance Programme Module 1

Programme Overview

Designed to take participants through the basic technical principles that will equip them to become competent Linemen Mates. The course exposes them to the electricity value chain and explains simple basic electrical functions, the role of the Mate and interrelationship with other operational units.

Expected Programme Outcomes

  • Knowledge of Electricity Generation, Transmission & Distribution, various components, sources of electricity and network configuration.
  • Knowledge of the basic principles of electricity and Voltage conditions: Causes, Effects and Rectifications.
  • Application of safety in overhead line operation.
  • Understand various work procedures, material sizes, their importance and principles behind the task.
  • Ability to identify various tools, equipment, their functions and operating principles.
  • Understanding of the causes of faults, and how best to minimize or rectify fault using best practices.
  • Understand principle of teamwork and the place of Linesmen in the electricity value chain etc.

Target Audience

  • Newly Recruited Linemen

Programme Content

  1. Linemen Hand Tools
  2. Occupational Health & Safety for Linemen
  3. Pole Dressing
  4. Introduction to Transformers
  5. Faults and Fault Clearing
  6. Introduction to Electrical Fitting
  7. Introduction to Switchgears
  8. Electric Poles and Pole Erection
  9. Introduction to Cable Jointing
  10. Load Management
  11. Medium and Low Voltage Distribution System
  12. Substations and Substation Equipment