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Boilers; Safe Operations, Maintenance, and standard operating procedures

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Boilers; Safe Operations, Maintenance, and standard operating procedures

Course Overview

Industrial Boilers are complex machines that produce immense pressure and Heat. With so many sectors, organizations, and processes depending on Boilers for Power and Operations, it however presents a long list of safety concerns, including Explosion/Rupture, High-Pressure Steam, Hot Surface, Rotating Equipment hazards, Electrical Hazards, Chemicals, and combustion gases. Neglecting Boiler Safety and Standard Operating Procedures has dire consequences; ranging from; loss of life, a high degree of injury, and loss of revenue

Learning Outcome

The following areas will be covered indepth during the training


• Identifying all Installed Boiler safety devices, equipment, instruments, and burner control systems
• Health and Safety issues surrounding the boiler house and steam system
• Understand Major Boiler catastrophic failures and how to prevent them.
• The right PPEs and fire safety plan

Standard Operating Procedures

• Safe, efficient, economical operation, and in accordance with regulatory standards.
• Daily inspections, operation/routines, testing and maintenance of boilers, burners, and combustion alarms.
• Water treatment, chemicals, and testing of boiler water
• Effective communication, reporting, boiler logs, lockout, & tag out


• Relevant regulations and guidance notes
• Boilers and Pressure Vessel regulations and gazette of Federal Republic of Nigeria

Target Audience

• Boiler Operators
• Mechanical maintenance technicians
• Electrical maintenance technicians

The event is finished.


Mar 24 - 25 2021

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