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Solar PV Design and Installation

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Solar PV Design and Installation

Course Overview

This training gives an in-depth understanding of solar technologies and its application worldwide. As climate change continues to affect our planet and fossil fuels become less profitable, renewable energy has emerged as the obvious answer to ecological sustainability. This course will provide in-depth knowledge about the components required for successful design, installations and how to appropriately calculate and customize the components while considering energy efficiency implementation techniques

Learning Outcome

After completing this training, participants will be able to:

• Properly design and size solar photovoltaic power systems.
• Identify and describe the basic functions of different components of PV systems
• Understand AC and DC electricity and explain their differences
• Describe the differences among various PV cell technologies
• Identify meters used with PV systems and key points of meter use and safety
• Define characteristics of series and parallel circuits and review the application of each
• Define factors that impact the amount of peak sun hours reaching the array
• Identify data required to size and design solar PV systems
• Identify the different types of inverter technologies
• Determine the correct wiring configuration of PV modules for a given application
• Identify terminology for the various circuits in PV systems
• Know different types of battery technology available in the market
• Know how to read battery cycle life
• Understand how to choose the right battery type
• Understand the steps required for solar system installation

Target Audience

  • Mini-Grid Engineers and technicians
  • Mini-Grid Developers
  • Renewable Energy Entrepreneurs
  • Energy Managers and Engineers

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Mar 10 - 12 2021

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