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Understanding Procurement of Power and PPAs

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Understanding Procurement of Power and PPAs

Course Overview – Understanding Procurement of Power and PPAs

This course focuses on examining the various structures of Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and how they fit together to allocate and mitigate risk. During the course you will examine a number of real life PPAs to understand each of their components and the reasons behind their structure. This is a comprehensive guide and review of the different types of PPAs in today’s market, including a close examination of the core form of PPA supporting project finance in the Independent Power sector as well as a thorough examination of the rapidly evolving world of Corporate and Synthetic PPAs.

Course Objective

  • Power Purchase Agreements between NBET and the Generation Companies.
  • Vesting Contracts between NBET and the Discos.
  • Market Rules.
  • Generation Procurement regulation & the direct purchase of power.
  • Introduction to procurement processes.
  • Evacuation studies, Transmission system operation and constraints.
  • Overview of Gas Sale Agreements.
  • Content and key provisions of PPAs
  • Management of risk in PPAs
  • PPA Pricing structures and design.
  • Examples of price escalation formulae in existing Nigerian PPAs
  • Learn how to deal with imbalance payments in a PPA.
  • Examine how the value of a PPA can be assessed.
  • Examine the reasons behind refinancing and how any refinancing gains can be shared.

Target Audience

Those involved in financial and strategic planning for the sector, business, procurement of new power, and the monitoring of market invoices.

  •  Senior Level Management
  • Legal and Regulatory officers
  • Finance team
  • Internal Audit Team Leads
  • Commercial Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Relevant Government officials

This training is provided in collaboration with Energy Market and Regulatory Consultants (EMRC).

ETC held a Masterclass on Understanding Service Reflective Tariffs with a panelists that comprised of experts from some major discos and a top law firm in the energy sector. You can watch the video on our YouTube channel here.

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Feb 17 2021


9:00 am - 4:00 pm

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Energy Market and Regulatory Consultants (EMRC)
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