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Oil & Gas Quiz

Every week, we publish quiz questions to test your knowledge of Oil & Gas sector including Upstream, Midstream and Downstream services. Enter your email below to get your quiz score in your mail.

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1. Which country is NOT currently a member of OPEC?


2. What percentage of hydraulic fracking fluid is comprised of water and sand?


3. Of the following modes of transportation, which is not well-suited to transport ethanol?


4. Flex-fuel cars that can run on 100% ethanol are widely available in what country?


5. Natural gas burns cleaner than coal and oil. But it is not emissions-free. Burning coal for electricity creates how much more carbon dioxide than burning natural gas?


6. Many European countries rely on Russian natural gas for heating and electricity. Most of Russia’s gas exports to Europe are sent by pipeline through which country?


7. When no pipelines are available, natural gas can be transported as liquified natural gas (LNG) in large ships with domed tanks. Chilling the gas to -260 Degree F (-162 Degree C) changes it into a liquid. How much more natural gas can be stored as LNG than in its gaseous state.


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