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Quiz of the week

Every week, we publish quiz questions to test your knowledge of various industries in the energy sector including Power & Utilities, Oil & Gas, and Renewable Energy. Enter your email below to get your quiz score in your mail as well as content and materials that will help you learn about and understand the questions you missed.

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1. What transformation of energy occurred in using diesel fuel to power television?


2. A Current Transformer is connected in parallel with Power circuit


3. A circuit is supplied with a constant voltage. As the resistance of the circuit decreases, the power dissipated by the circuit


4. Which is NOT an example of renewable energy?


5. Which is a unit of electric power?


6. Are there any choices for electricity generation that don’t require water?



Can solar power provide electricity when the sun isn’t shining?


8. What global treaty has slashed world greenhouse gas emissions by 11 gigatons a year?


9. An ampere is a measure of…


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