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Introduction to Renewable Energy

Training Type

Virtual Training

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Course Description

This training will provide participants with an in-depth understanding of Renewable Energy sources, technologies and applications, risks, challenges, and regulatory frameworks relating to the sector. This training will also explore financing options and incentives made available by both Governmental and Non-Governmental bodies that could enable the participant’s set up and sustain a Renewable Energy business.

What you will learn

•  Renewable Energy Resources

•  Market operations and fundamentals

•  Solar radiation

•  Site survey and pre-planning

•  System components and configuration

•  Cells, modules and array

•  Inverters

•  System sizing and design

•  Mechanical and Electrical integration

•  Risks and Challenges

•  Policies and Regulations

•  Designing a complete system with Homer Pro Software

Who should attend

This course is suitable for anyone who wants to gain a greater understanding of the Renewable Energy market including existing market participants, organizations who want to diversify their energy supply mix and individuals looking to invest or start up small and medium-sized enterprises in Renewable Energy, also

•  Project Managers

•  Facility Managers

•  Solar Field Engineers & Installers

•  Renewable energy Entrepreneurs.

•  Prospective Solar Power Design Engineers

•  Graduate Engineers & NYSC Members, who want to build a career in Renewable Energy.

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